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Design, construction and use of an industrial plant with a „cleanroom” zone

During the conference we will talk about Cleanrooms cross-sectionally discussing the topic from the concept, URS, plant design through the selection of building materials, going on to the very important issue of service and facility maintenance up to the selection of equipment, cleaning systems, measuring

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Meetings with interesting people

Meetings with interesting people associated with the Society’s activities leaven the calendar of annual tasks and are often the beginning of new ways of development.

We endeavor to ensure that such meetings take place at least once a quarter.

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Currently conducted training programs.

Members of the Society are kept up to date on the training calendar and the possibility of preparing an individual training.

If you are interested in taking part in the training, please contact us at: 

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Why do we need these Cleanrooms?

There are many definitions of the word cleanroom, but simplifying, we can assume that it is a complex organizational unit, consisting of a room or a set of rooms with a controlled environment and also equipment and people, established to conduct a research, analytical

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