The society was established primarily to integrate people working in „cleanroom” facilities or people interested in advanced technologies associated with clean zones.

 The purpose of the society is:

1. Popularization of knowledge in the field of clean technologies, so called Cleanroom and their use in the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, automotive, electronics, space and other high technology industries;
2. Undertaking, organizing and financing educational, analytical and research activities in the field of clean technologies, I.e. Cleanroom;
3. Supporting science, higher education and education in general;
4. Supporting business development;
5. Undertaking activities for European integration and developing contacts and cooperation between        societies;
6. Promoting and organizing voluntary organizations;
7. Representing the interests of the associated members of the Society towards the authorities, central and local government administration as well as other organizations and entities;
8. Initiating, supporting and promoting cooperation between the members of the Society