Currently conducted training programs. Members of the Society are kept up to date on the training calendar and the possibility of preparing an individual training. If you are interested in taking part in the training, please contact us at:

  1. Design, construction and maintenance of cleanroom facilities.
  2. General rules for staying and working in a cleanroom
  3. Control of air cleanliness and cleanliness of flat surfaces in Cleanroom
  4. Microbiological control in production
  5. Legal aspects of the construction, extension and operation of Cleanroom facilities
  6. Designing measuring systems in the cleanroom
  7. Comprehensive control of environmental parameters in Cleanroom
  8. Cleaning in a cleanroom
  9. Ensuring cleanliness of the application
  10. GMP qualification and validation in a cleanroom environment
  11. Clothing - types, use and washing clothes in clean zones
  12. Operating equipment in a Cleanroom
  13. HVAC - rules for the use and maintenance of HVAC installations in clean zones
  14. Cleanroom construction and process management in accordance with ECCS requirements. Space industry.
  15. Production of SMT and PTH in a clean environment
  16. BPH in a cleanroom
  17. Sedimentation and antistatic in a cleanroom - one of the most important phenomena occurring in a cleanroom
  18. Entry to the National Tissue and Cell Banking Center
  19. Tissue and cell banking in the aspect of clean zone functioning
  20. Installation and servicing of devices in Cleanroom