Why do we need these Cleanrooms?

There are many definitions of the word cleanroom, but simplifying, we can assume that it is a complex organizational unit, consisting of a room or a set of rooms with a controlled environment and also equipment and people, established to conduct a research, analytical or production process.

It is the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of conducting the process that force the creation of areas with controlled environmental conditions, such as:

  • microbiological purity,
  • allowable number of particles,
  • humidity,
  • antistatic

Most facilities of this type are designed as a cleanroom clean zone (this means in accordance with at least PN EN-14644). They are one of the most advanced types of objects, difficult to design and build. One should not forget that the life of the cleanroom begins after the completion of the construction phase. As important as the design and construction are: procedures, trainings, quality of equipment and cyclical service of all installations as well as constant supervision, corrections of installation settings and the ability to use measuring systems. Another important thing is the quality of the cleaning service.


Creating the cleanroom should of course start with the concept that is necessary to create the project (in practice a few projects: technology, architecture, ventilation, technical gases, etc.). The close cooperation between the client and the contractor is important. Cleanroom projects differ significantly from typical construction projects or even hi-tech laboratory projects and require specialist knowledge as well as an experienced team from the contractor. The formal side of implementation in contact with offices and inspections is also crucial. Preservation and maintenance of a badly designed cleanroom will quickly consume larger sums than building a clean zone using considered solutions.


Similarly, conducting clean construction is a responsible and complicated task, very different from typical construction projects, and here specialization, experience and access to building materials dedicated exclusively for the purposes of clean construction are necessary. One should note if the construction was carried out from the beginning in a clean construction model, and the executive team did not consist of subcontractors who do not know each other. It is best to use the services of companies with a trained, well-coordinated team of people designing and building cleanrooms. 

Functioning of the zone 

The proper functioning of the zone requires constant care for its purity and supervision over environmental parameters. Depending on the class of the zone, it should be equipped with a set of equipment that enables the implementation of this task. The minimum are: trolleys, mops, cloths, chemicals, clothing, mats, calibrated meters, etc. Also furniture and even office equipment must be validated for cleanroom work and used properly.