Jerzy Kustra – President

He has been involved in clean technologies since the beginning of the 2000s. He has run several dozen clean construction projects, including the space industry (eg. Juice project, in the mission for Jupiter), research (eg. research on the regeneration of stem cells). He has been conducting trainings and giving lectures about clean technologies for many years. He is one of the partners of Future Space Accelerator, the purpose of which is to develop commercial potential in the space sector. As the President of the Board, he runs the company which designs, constructs and deals with cleanrooms comprehensively. He runs the section:  standards and norms

Marek Kawula - Vice President

Engineer designing HVAC systems. For almost 20 years, he has been designing and running projects of the installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in cleanrooms. His professional interests are focused on the aspects of designing and using cleanrooms.
He runs the section: construction of cleanrooms (co-leader).